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    YOU decide what data is available to anyone.

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    Internet of Things Data Marketplace



    "tilepay" is a platform that enables users to control access to their data for their IoT devices.

    Local wallet that manages access to data via micropayments

    Publish data profile

    Authenticate, register and publish device profile globally within seconds.

    Data Exchange

    Allow exchange of data

    Exchange your data for money, coupons or rebates.

    IoT Marketplace

    Local and Global access

    An online Local and Global marketplace that enables companies to view what IoT data is available for purchase or exchange.

    Secure & Private

    Secure access

    Pseudonymity using a public key protects your privacy.





    MAC OS X

    WINDOWS 7 / 8



    Here are some integrations that we are currently working on.



    Driving Analytics, Vehicle Diagnostics, and many more features.



    Smart pillows and beds

    Imagine having data from your bed alert the Ambulance.



    Internet of Things Bill of Rights

    Here is a list of our core IoT Bill of Rights principles.

    Your device profiles

    Device Profile

    Only YOUR device profile is seen publicly. This means that only the device type, model, and available columns of data are ever made public. Your name, location, gender, etc... is never accessible unless you decide.

    To Cloud or not to Cloud

    Local Data

    You have the choice to upload to a cloud or not. We do not see the data. It is encrypted by YOU and only YOU have access, unless you allow others to purchase, offer coupons or rebates in exchange for your data.

    Delete IoT Data

    Delete access to data

    With our historical data feature, you will be able to delete YOUR data easily. We use multi-signatures to allow us to sell your data if you want.

    YOU Sell your data

    Sell IoT Data

    We do not have access to your data, so we cannot sell it. Only you have access to allow exchange of your data. Our data marketplace will help advertise your available data profile.


    Protect your personal information

    Each public key address does not divulge your name or physical address.



    We're on a mission to help protect your data and privacy while enabling YOU to select the data you want to share from your IoT devices.

    Shawn Kennedy


    Shawn can be described in one word: “Versatile.” Shawn discovered his love and passion for technology through his Atari and later through his best friend father’s Commodore 64.


    In his professional career, Shawn, through his own self-learning efforts, became a SAP Finance and Controlling consultant. He has over 20 years of business and technological knowledge. His undying passion, for hacking

    and cryptography, almost got him expelled from college after he reverse engineered assembly language-based projects created by his teachers.


    Shawn easily grasps new technology, and the recent Bitcoin block chain technology has caught his attention. He is eager to build a cutting edge platform for the Internet of Things.


    Carole Duranleau


    Carole can be described in one word: “Logical.” She is a super-human-computer when it comes to number crunching and data analysis.


    She holds a professional diploma in accounting and has more than 22 years of accounting experience. Carole owned a business for over 12 years.


    She has now embraced the disruptive block chain technology.


    In her current role, she organizes all administrative aspects of the company.



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    blockchain and internet of things

    Block chain and Internet of Things

    bitcoin based micropayments and internet of things

    Bringing bitcoin based micropayments to the Internet of Things



    Currently building a top notch Adviser team!

    Former Intel Executive - TBA


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